lördag 29 augusti 2015

Who cares, it's fiction? I care: you aren't what you eat

Let's say you read a book in which the hero and the heroine in the early stages of their unavoidable relationship are going out for dinner/lunch.
They sit down to order and the heroine, because she's not the kind of girl who diets (nothing wrong with that), orders food with lots of calories, like a pizza or whatever , you get it.
The hero stares at her with a confused look.
"Wow" he'll say or something like that "all the girls I go out with never order anything but salad/water/tomatoes etc."
The heroine blushes beautifully "I like to eat, really eat"
Hero:"Good, I can't stand it when women diet/tries too hard to be skinny/wants to impress me"
This comes up so often in books I read, both adult and Ya, and it makes me really confused.
Are people not seeing what's wrong with this?

Let's make a list!

1. Heroine is the most special girl ever.
She's the only one that's not on a diet, (still she's of course not anything over a size 6, but that's another issue) and the only one of the girls the hero has ever dated that is even remotely interesting. I'm sorry, but if there's an entire sex you're not getting along with it might not be THEIR fault.

2. Every woman ever who goes on a diet is doing it to impress men.
What if one of his dates just feels really good and healthy when she's on a diet?
Or what if she just really loves salad? It's not impossible.

3. If a woman tries to be skinny, it's wrong.
If a woman doesn't try to be skinny and therefore isn't, it's wrong? (Maybe I'm interpreting to much with that one)
So good luck with that, everyone.

What I'm trying to say is, let everyone eat whatever they want.
It's not your business if they're trying to lose weight, gain weight, or just doesn't care, they're probably not doing it for your sake anyway.

fredag 28 augusti 2015

Amazing news for the world!

Hello all you ghost people I'm imagining are reading this!
I have these awesome news, I've decided to *drumwhirl and teens waiting in breathless anticipation* keep blogging!!!
So keep coming here and looking at my posts if you've happened to stumble upon it.
But Alva, you ask, what do I get out of it?
Well, for starters I'm a very funny person and I'm also very easily bored soyou can count on regular updates.
So what will I write about?
Everything! Important or unimportant you can count on me wanting to rant about because that's what I do but no one in real life wants to listen to me anymore!
I have a lot of anger inside.

torsdag 27 augusti 2015

Hey absolutely nobody for the first and last time!

Hello, absolutely zero people.
Wow I guess this is my first and last blogpost.
It's a majestic feeling I have to tell you.

A school project is requiring me to write a blog entry in english for an, you guessed it, english class!
English is not my first language so if anyone in the future stumbles upon this blog, which I consider highly unlikely, I wan't to apologise for any spelling or grammatical errors I've made, I know how annoying it can be but I really am trying my best here.
Anyway, even though this right now is for school I might really enjoy blogging and keep this one around, and then when I'm really famous and disgustingly rich (no guys ,I promise, it really IS going to happen!) we can all look back at this post and have a good laugh over my young and annoying self.

If I do keep this blog up, anyone stumbling upon this post in the middle of procrastinating will not regret sticking around, because I am a very funny person (I almost always laugh at my jokes), and who knows? I might even discuss something important and at least a little bit intelligent one day even though I keep clicking the smiley-keyboard icon on the Ipad instead of the sign-keyboard icon and finding myself face to face with the chicken-leg emoticon.

In the meantime two (or three, depending on if you're a nitpick) things about me:

-I HATE the idea that if women look a specific way, there's no possible way they can be something else than the stereotype they look. No, if a woman has glasses it doesn't mean she has to like math and detest partying. Yes, you can have big breasts and dress revealing and still be smart, it's not like part of the brain is put in the boobs to get the right size.

-And yes, I am a female and an awesome one at that.