lördag 29 augusti 2015

Who cares, it's fiction? I care: you aren't what you eat

Let's say you read a book in which the hero and the heroine in the early stages of their unavoidable relationship are going out for dinner/lunch.
They sit down to order and the heroine, because she's not the kind of girl who diets (nothing wrong with that), orders food with lots of calories, like a pizza or whatever , you get it.
The hero stares at her with a confused look.
"Wow" he'll say or something like that "all the girls I go out with never order anything but salad/water/tomatoes etc."
The heroine blushes beautifully "I like to eat, really eat"
Hero:"Good, I can't stand it when women diet/tries too hard to be skinny/wants to impress me"
This comes up so often in books I read, both adult and Ya, and it makes me really confused.
Are people not seeing what's wrong with this?

Let's make a list!

1. Heroine is the most special girl ever.
She's the only one that's not on a diet, (still she's of course not anything over a size 6, but that's another issue) and the only one of the girls the hero has ever dated that is even remotely interesting. I'm sorry, but if there's an entire sex you're not getting along with it might not be THEIR fault.

2. Every woman ever who goes on a diet is doing it to impress men.
What if one of his dates just feels really good and healthy when she's on a diet?
Or what if she just really loves salad? It's not impossible.

3. If a woman tries to be skinny, it's wrong.
If a woman doesn't try to be skinny and therefore isn't, it's wrong? (Maybe I'm interpreting to much with that one)
So good luck with that, everyone.

What I'm trying to say is, let everyone eat whatever they want.
It's not your business if they're trying to lose weight, gain weight, or just doesn't care, they're probably not doing it for your sake anyway.

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